In the condition of people’s lives that are still far from prosperous, then the problem of poverty that has shackled millions of our nation’s people and resulted in various social problems must be addressed by the whole community. The participation of each community group in pursuing education and empowerment of children is crucial and urgent to be carried out continuously. With limited infrastructure and facilities, Dorcas Orphanage is involved in efforts by the government to overcome the poverty and education problems.

Empowerment and care for poor family children in various orphanages requires consistent and planned efforts and programs. Not only are people needed who have the dedication and dedication to serve children, but also adequate infrastructure and facilities so that children can grow and develop optimally according to their capacities so that they become better humans of their future and dignity. Dorcas Orphanage has gone through a long period of devotion to the world of children and has proven its consistency and commitment to continue to struggle to serve children.

At present the number of children raised at the Dorcas Orphanage hostel is 50. Consists of 1 kindergarten child, 17 elementary level children, 13 junior high level children, 13 vocational level children, 7 children from the University Academy. Development programs to improve the capacity of children in the Dorcas Orphanage are also carried out, but currently there are still many obstacles, especially in terms of building facilities / infrastructure and funding.