About Dorkas Orphanage

April 1888, several prominent Gereformeeerd Church in Batavia (GKI Kwitang) form “Vereening Dorcas” with the goal of helping destitute ‘Indo-Europe’ families. As the years went by, Vereeniging Dorcas changed its name to “Dorcas Society” (Ind: Perkumpulan Dorkas) which manages Dorcas orphanage.

As per June 2019, Dorkas orphanage has moved to its new location in Jalan Kramat Sentiong No. 20-22, Jakarta Pusat.


by Dec 4, 2019

Our Mission

What We Stand For

  1. Providing good education to foster children.
  2. Maintain physical and mental health of foster children.
  3. Instilling the values ​​of a civilized life, caring for others, accompanied by positive discipline based on the love of Christ for the formation of foster children’s character.
  4. Build a good and family life based on the teachings of Christ.
Our Vision

We try to give all the best for children

Orphanage that able to prepare foster children to become Christians who are strong, independent and responsible inside and outside the orphanage to build their own life, so furthermore they can be an active, caring, useful, and successful person in their livehood based on Pancasila’s and Christian Faith.

Our Principal

The children up to senior high school go to  Christian/Catholic school such as PSKD, ‘Santo Fransiskus’, ‘BPK Penabur’, and Strada. We also encourage the children to obtain scholarships so they can continue their study as high as they can.
We invite you to join us. Sponsor a kid now ! Your sponsorship makes a direct and lasting impact on the lives of children in Indonesia.